Code of Conduct

FATED 2022 is a part of the annual conference of the Educational Data Mining society, and like the conference as a whole, it is intended to foster community and exchange of ideas among those working in the field of educational data mining. The FATED 2022 workshop follows the same code of conduct as the 2022 annual conference, which you can read in it’s entirety here.

Please note that everyone involved in the workshop — from organizers to presenters to attendees — is expected to adhere to the code of conduct throughout the workshop, both in their formal and informal participation and in all channels of interaction and communication, including social media. We also expect that communication and contacts that begin at the workshop and continue afterwards will adhere to the code of conduct. For FATED 2022, you’re welcome to report any concerning behavior you experience or observe directly to the program chairs as linked in the code of conduct above. In addition to or in lieu of contacting the program chairs directly, you are welcome to report any behavior you are concerned about or that you believe may constitute harassment or discrimination at FATED 2022 to Anna Rafferty (, one of the workshop organizers, via email or (during the workshop) Zoom direct message. Anna will address it directly if possible (e.g., formally or informally warning someone during the workshop or removing someone from the room or the Zoom meeting), and she will also report it to the program chairs, who will decide on any further consequences. That report will take place within 24 hours if it occurs on the day of the workshop, or within two business days if it is not on the day of the workshop. If action is taken, the appeals process will follow that of the main conference.